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InterSeal Mechanical Seals was established in 1957

InterSeal Mechanical Seals Supplier

InterSeal Mechanical Seals DCA-ISO-9001

InterSeal is a supplier of high-quality Mechanical Seals for marine and industrial pumps.

For more than 60 years we have been successful as specialists in the industry of mechanical seals.

We provide a wide range of mechanical seals recognizing and respecting the continuously pressing need for value for money options.

In our stocklist, you will find most of the mechanical seals’ types, such as N. Pillar, J. Crane, E. Burgmann, Pacific, IMO, Roten, Flowserve etc. Mechanical seals for Shinkokinzoku, Naniwa, Taiko Kikai, Heishin, Teikoku, Kosaka, Ebara, IMO, Thune-Eureka, Iron Ais, K.S.B., Hamworthy, Alfa Laval, Azcue, Allweiler, Desmi, Hyundai, and Shin Shin.

We own the know-how of mechanical seals and sealing, applying technology and competitive services to solve problems and satisfy our customers’ needs.

A key pillar of Interseals’ activities is to provide consistent after-sales service including fitting instructions, solutions to problems, repair, and proper training.

Moreover, InterSeal undertakes custom orders and special inquiries for any type of mechanical seal and for any make of pump.

Feel comfortable contacting us for a free quotation based on your particular needs.

Thank you for the years of trust.

Best regards,

Tassos Raftopoulos


More than 60 years of Expertise and Tradition, guarantee the Quality of our Projects


InterSeal Mechanical Seals undertakes the service of your mechanical seals timely and efficiently, providing guaranteed results and all the needed support & training.

We inform you of the factors affecting the performance of a mechanical seal so you always know what are the best practices you have to follow in order to maintain the utmost performance and longevity of the mechanical seals.

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