InterSeal Mechanical Seals undertakes the service of your mechanical seals timely and efficiently, providing guaranteed results and all the needed support & training.

We inform you of the factors affecting the performance of a mechanical seal so you always know what are the best practices you have to follow in order to maintain the utmost performance and longevity of the mechanical seals.

Factors Affecting The Performance of a Mechanical Seal

  1. Accuracy of fitting and/or installation
  2. Plant mal-operation & plant-upset
  3. Adequacy of cooling
  4. Vibration & stability of the equipment
  5. The temperatures of the seal liquid & the sliding surfaces, especially any variation with time
  6. The sealing medium, its lubricating & heat transfer characteristics, its degree of solid contamination & its chemical behavior
  7. Oscillations, side loads, interrupted operation, periodic dry running, eccentric running, heating & cooling cycles
  8. The sliding speed
  9. The force of the springs
  10. Integrity of the secondary seals
  11. The surface roughness & the flatness of the sliding surfaces

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