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For more than years, Interseal is a supplier of high-quality Mechanical Seals for marine and industrial pumps.
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Factors Affecting The Performance of a Mechanical Seal


  1. Accuracy of fitting and/or installation
  2. Plant mal-operation & plant-upset
  3. Adequacy of cooling
  4. Vibration & stability of the equipment
  5. The temperatures of the seal liquid & the sliding surfaces, especially any variation with time
  6. The sealing medium, its lubricating & heat transfer characteristics, its degree of solid contamination & its chemical behavior
  7. Oscillations, side loads, interrupted operation, periodic dry running, eccentric running, heating & cooling cycles
  8. The sliding speed
  9. The force of the springs
  10. Integrity of the secondary seals
  11. The surface roughness & the flatness of the sliding surfaces


INTERSEAL undertakes the service of your mechanical seals timely and efficiently, providing guaranteed results and all the needed support & training.

lapping machine - mechanical seals
lapping machine - mechanical seals
plasma spray - mechanical seals
lathe machine - mechanical seals

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